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Extreme Stunt Show latest news....

With the Guinness World record holding tour behind us we are still overwhelmed for the support of the LIVE & AIR BATTLE tours with the inclusion of Drift cars in the show (subject to appropriate venues) and awesome freestyle motocross riders, the recent TOURS have certainly set the standards for a World class Stunt Show.

After an exciting Extreme event in the desert in Kuwait and the Bahrain GT festival the equipment went into the workshops for some serious TLC the events in the middle east certainly made some impact on the equipment and serious overhauls and makeovers were required.

We appreciate the fantastic worldwide support we have received from everyone who attended the shows.

We are developing a new ride truck that will be ready soon and is currently in the later stages of construction from the creator of the world famous Monster truck Bigfoot 17.

The New Extreme Revisited monster truck with a brand new 2000 horse power engine and the revamped Lil Devil have had a slight overhaul with new superchargers and chassis the Monster Trucks are bound to impress!

With the overwhelming popularity of the show in the United Arab Emirates we were asked to help launch Coca Colas energy drink BURN and as their slogan says "SIZE DOES MATTER" who better to help with the launch then Extreme Events Europe and the Extreme Stunt Show; so we provided one team were size doesn't matter! one monster truck racing champion synonymous with monster trucks Ian Batey and the crazy master of freestyle Glen Wise and we put on a show that really was second to none the team even created a new world record for crushing the most number of cans 61,106 yes that's right thousand!! This master class of driving skills really did literally BURN some serious ears to say the least.

The team were well received during their visit to Turkey and the locals were impressed with the Extreme aspect of the Driving Skills! We certainly hope to visit the region again very soon.

The workshops are currently engineering some new equipment never seen before in Europe to enhance the level of excitement we deliver to the public.

We are pleased to bring to two brothers racing these world class street bike riders will amaze any crowd with their wheelies stoppies and burn outs

Our in house freestyle Motocross team Extreme FMX have been delivering the goods performing their amazing stunts in a Circus Bigtop and in fact they are the first to perform in a big top of this size.

In conjunction with The European Entertainment Corporation EXTREME FMX will be featuring with their stunting friends in a 1 hour event coming to UK venues soon check the website to keep up to speed with what's happening with the Extreme Stunt Show.

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Check out the Extreme Stunt Show on BBC Newsround: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/13990161

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