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Recent Events

The Extreme Stunt Show together with Extreme Events Europe Ltd is at the end of the well received LIVE TOUR, from the Stunt Show in Dubai, Guinness World Record for Coca Cola, performances at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and a 5 year 565 show European Tour it has certainly been memorable.

Our in house Freestyle motocross team EXTREME FMX have been busy travelling around the United Kingdom and Ireland with CIRCUS EXTREME and have performed in 2019 in over 250 shows! The riders Nez Parker, Daniel Veal, Wayne Jacobs Brody Knibbs & John Pearson have been amazing and shown that they have the stamina to be able to withstand the volume of shows that has been thrown in front of them, they have had some bumps along the way!

BMX rider Karl Southern has been busy riding in Canada and Mountain Bike rider Aidan Horn is currently training at Camp Woodward we are looking forward to seeing what new tricks Karl and Aidan has up their sleeves.

The team have recently performed in Turkey on the Canavar Arabalar production we believe we were the first ever Monster Trucks to perform in Turkey.

With performances in Kuwait and the recent return of the Monster Trucks from the Bahrain GT Festival have made the last few years interesting to say the least

Canavar Arabalar | Turkey from ELCi on Vimeo.

The full show appeared in the desert in Kuwait for a celebration of Extreme Sport.

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