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About The Extreme Stunt Show....

At The Extreme Stunt Show we have over 30 years of experience promoting and managing outdoor shows both here in the UK and overseas. We have also worked in collaboration with numerous multinational companies. We specialize in the field of extreme motorsports.

Our business structure has been designed to allow us to be flexible in the services we offer whilst maintaining a core of seasoned professionals both on the performance and on the management side.

An event can only be as good as the Event Management Team and ours is one of the best in the business.

Our Event Team Management have more than 60 years of combined experience in outdoor shows and Exhibitions. Our fully qualified Licensing Officer is responsible for organising licenses for our shows. He is also available to act as a consultant and to help you with planning your event. Our Health and Safety Officer constructs the Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessments for each event we are involved in and is also available to work in a consultancy capacity. Our Press and Advertising Manager has over 30 years in the advertising industry. Our Arena Acts Hire and Venues Manager looks to promote our individual acts to the Outdoor Events and Corporate Events Industries and is also responsible for developing contacts for sites for our own productions.

The business operates in the following ways:

1/ Arena Entertainment Supplier.

This can include:

  • The full Extreme Stunt Show
  • The Human Canon Ball
  • Extreme FMX
  • The Extreme Stunt Team
  • The Extreme Motocross Team
  • The Extreme Mountain Bike Team

2/ Monster Truck Hire

3/ Event Support Services

This can include:

  • Complete Event Management
  • Heath and Safety Planning and Management
  • Event Licence Planning and Management
  • Arena Management - programme, stewarding, commentator, jump design, sound system
  • Marketing Management- develop Marketing Plan, Create Publicity Campaign design publicity material, place advertising campaign
  • Poster Campaign

4/ Venue Finder.

With our wealth of experience and no matter what the nature of the event we will locate and negotiate a suitable venue. From a one day event to a full tour.

5/ Our core business is promoting tours for The Extreme Stunt Show.

6/ The Extreme Stunt Show is involved in the Extreme Torque Show this is a high energy event that contains 3 action arenas involving Freestyle Motocross Monster trucks streetbikes drift car action (subject to venue) freerunning/parkour BMX and mountain bikes. This is an exciting concept that we are looking at promoting in 2021 check out the EXTREME TORQUE SHOW section of this site

If you require any information on any of our services please fill in the form on our contact page.

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