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The history of The Extreme Stunt Show....

The Extreme Stunt Show is the result of a life long ambition of the late entrepreneur Mark Phillips. As a young teenager Mark visited The American Hell Drivers Show which was touring in the UK and he was smitten. The Legendary Eddie Kidd was on the road during this period and Mark worked alongside him cleaning his bike and looked up to Eddie for inspiration. From that day on he was determined that one day he would promote the best touring stunt show ever. Eddie Kidd is still a close friend of the show and visits the show on regular occasions.

Mark became a bill poster (Poster Distributor) for the Hell Drivers show putting posters in windows helping to publicise the show. When the show returned to the USA he was approached by Gerry Cottle's Circus and did the same job for them. The following year a German team toured the UK and Mark was offered the job of Advanced Publicity Manager. For 10 years his job took him all over the world working alongside the best stunt performers in the business.

Looking to settle down he returned to the UK and negotiated a contract with Gerry Cottle to organise his publicity for The Great Moscow State Circus. This was the start of Plan-It Poster Distribution Ltd. The company is recognised today as the leaders in poster distribution in Europe with clients like Holiday On Ice, Disney On Ice and The Chinese State Circus as well as many County and Council Shows. Last year the company distributed over 1.5 million posters and 15 million leaflets.

The company purchased and imported from the USA The Goliath Monster Truck, The Vorian Transformer Truck and The Rocket Monster Truck.

In 1993 The company provided new and exciting EXTREME elements to the show producing a section of the show THE EXTREME STUNT SHOW bringing something new and EXTREME to the show BMX, Human Cannon, Motocross, precision driving and a general new Extreme approach.

The success of the business made it possible to venture into event touring and in 1997 The Extreme Stunt Show worked alongside Steve Street Griffin, who was at the time the top stuntman in the UK, together they worked on a new idea of Stunt shows; utilizing the new Extreme ideas and special effects used in blockbuster films the Hollywood Stunt Show was born. The show employed experienced artists who had worked all over the world and the show completed a 142 venue tour of the UK.

In 1998 Steve was offered stunt work on The Titanic which gave the company the opportunity of buying out Steve's interest. The show spent 4 winter months in Malaysia and a week in Brunei before returning to the UK for a further summer season. The show has never stopped evolving and in 1999 with the emphasis of Extreme Sports it was decided to utilize the extreme elements the show became "The Extreme Stunt Show".

To keep with the Extreme theme the show now features our very own Moto Cross Team EXTREME FMX and The Bike Display Team EXTREME BMX.

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